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Petroleum industry


In the petroleum industry, they are mainly used in the production and processing of crude oil, petroleum, and natural gas.

①Crude oil contains impurities, foreign objects, sand particles, and so on. These filtering products can effectively remove them, purify the crude oil, and prevent damage to subsequent refining equipment.

②In the refining process, filtering products can be used to purify the raw materials, prevent impurities and stains in the raw materials from causing wear and corrosion to subsequent processing equipment, remove deposits, impurities, and catalyst suspensions in catalytic and non-catalytic refining units, and improve the refining efficiency and product quality.

③Natural gas and liquefied gas contain gas-water mixture, impurities, water content, acid substance, etc. Filtering products are used to prevent corrosion, scaling, and blockages in pipelines, valves, and compressors, ensure the dryness and purity of natural gas and liquefied gas, protect the equipment from corrosion, and improve their efficiency and safety.