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The filtration products made by Futai are increasingly widely used in various industries due to high quality at an economical price and excellent after-sales service. Currently, our products are mainly applied in the following industries:
  • Petroleum industry

    Petroleum industry

    In the petroleum industry, they are mainly used in the production and processing of crude oil, petroleum, and natural gas. ①Crude oil contains impurities, foreign objects, sand particles, and so on. These filtering products can effecti...
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  • Chemical Industry

    Chemical Industry

    In the chemical industry, filtering products are used to filter the production of chemical raw materials, intermediates, and products, such as organic reaction raw materials, organic chemical drugs, refined pharmaceutical intermediates...
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  • Coal Mining Industry

    Coal Mining Industry

    In the coal mining industry, the filtering products can effectively filter fine particles in air or fluid, solid pollutants, and powders generated by equipment wear and tear, ensuring the purity of fluids or air. This can effectively e...
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  • Food & Beverage Production Process

    Food & Beverage Production Process

    In the food and beverage production process, a large quantity of raw materials liquid, including juice, berry juice, dairy products, alcohol, etc., need to be processed. Suspended solids, sediment, and micro-organisms are often contain...
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  • Water Treatment Industry

    Water Treatment Industry

    In the water treatment industry, filtration products are widely applied to removing suspended particles, sediment, organic matter, chemicals, and microorganisms in water, improving transparency, turbidity, odor, and taste.
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  • Pharmaceutical Field

    Pharmaceutical Field

    In the pharmaceutical field, filtering products are mainly used in pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotechnology, medical devices, and other fields. They can filter and remove harmful substances such as impurities, microorganisms, bacter...
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  • Shipping Industry

    Shipping Industry

    In the shipping industry, filtering products are mainly used in freshwater treatment, oil and water separation, air treatment, and ship oil filtering.
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  • Power Plants

    Power Plants

    In power plants, filtering products can be used to process fuels, air, water, etc., to remove pollutants and ensure the safety, stability, and environmental friendliness of power plant fuel consumption, air, and water treatment. Meanwh...
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  • Metallurgical Industry

    Metallurgical Industry

    In the metallurgical industry, they are mainly used in metal liquid filtration, flue gas purification, gas filtration, and bottom filtration. The highly corrosive working environment of the metallurgical industry requires filtering pro...
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